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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mardi Gras Restaurant, San Bernardino

Chicken Gizzards with Mac & Cheese - Meals are also served with Hush Puppies that have a hint of Jalapeno flavor.


Fried Catfish with Zucchini

The restaurant has now changed it's name to Mardi Gras. The ownership seems to have changed but the Chef has remained on board. I visited with my family on a hot Sunday afternoon. They has a liquor ownership change sign posted in the window. The decor remains the same, upscale spartan. The food was great, you don't find Fried Chicken Gizzards" on too many menus. The gizzards were tender, though I like mine a bit spicier. The Catfish and Jambalaya were all tasty. Best Mac N Cheese I have ever tasted. Five Thumbs up for Mardi Gras, will return soon.

Update 10/02/2009

Taste of New Orleans now in Downtown San Bernardino.

201 North E Street,
San Bernardino, CA 92401
909 884-5000

I have heard some good things from co-workers about Nice Bunz. Several have raved about the fried catfish with greens and macaroni and cheese. I also heard nice comments about the Jambalaya. Too bad I am not a fish aficionado; I usually try nothing stronger than cod fish. Thought I would give Bunz another go.

The place is nice and clean as you walk in. The staff is very friendly and service is homey. Not too many customers when I arrived after the lunch rush. It appears they have redone the menu since my last visit. Nice Bunz has a sign out front advertising their new master chef Cleve Palmer. He specializes in “Cajun Creole Creations”. Bunz serves a standard breakfast menu, the Saintsational Sartin Omelet looks good at $5.75. It is made of three eggs, ham, bacon, mushrooms, bell peppers, American cheese, onion and olives. I must stop by for breakfast to give this omelet a try.

For Lunch they are featuring Cajun Creole cuisine.

Shrimp Jambalaya $6.99

Seafood Gumbo $7.99

Shrimp Ettouffe $8.99

Crawfish Ettouffe $8.99

Dirty Rice with Beef or Chicken $5.99

Chicken Gizzards $5.99

Chicken Wings $5.99

Oysters $6.99

Different types of Cajun Fish Fillets from $5.99 to $6.99

You get your choice of one side order

Greens, corn bread, red beans, candied yams, cole slaw, hush puppies, potato salad, baked been or oven baked macaroni & cheese.

Nice Bunz is also serves sandwiches and Panini’s along with hamburgers, salads and American sides.

Today I decided to try the Chicken Wings to go at $5.99. I chose as my side orders hush puppies and Mac and Cheese. The order consisted of two large chicken wings. I could not quite tell how they were cooked. Were not greasy, the wings were golden brown covered in a very tasty seasoning. My guess would be that they are baked but I could be wrong. The hush puppies were great, balls of fried cornmeal mixed with a mild green chili. The best item was the Mac and Cheese. It was great, baked with a slightly crispy crust. I will be back just to get the macaroni, I am sure it is addicting. My order was only $6.00 out the door. I spoke with an employee that said business was getting better. I think it has a built in customer base, Nice Bunz is very near city hall. From what I hear the restaurant is owned by the former head of the code enforcement division. Now the city employees have a place to hang after hours. I have only visited during lunch and don’t know what goes on after the sun goes down, but appears to be a nice sports bar.

I would rate the Food at ****

Service ***

Expense * ½ great value for the price

Will defiantly repeat

Meatloaf $4.95 add Cheese Broccoli and Mashed Potatoes $2.00

Fried Shrimp $4.95

201 North E Street,
San Bernardino, CA 92401
909 888-6400

Nice Bunz is a new restaurant that is in the former Isabel's Italian Ristorante location. There is only a small temporary sign over Isabel's old sign so it is easy to miss. Nice Bunz is a combination sports bar, restaurant. It has been open less than a month so they are working on their sea legs. Their menu has a variety of items, American style food, Mexican food and sandwiches. They also serve breakfast. The items are served Al a Carte, sides can be added for one or two dollars. The only thing I have disliked so far were the mashed potatoes, instant, with a watery taste. The service is good and they are trying hard. I will not give a full opinion until they have been open a bit longer. If you are in the San Bernardino Civic Center area, please give them a shot.
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