Inland Empire SoCal Food Beat

Inland Empire SoCal Food Beat

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wendy's, Redlands

1991 West Redlands Boulevard
Redlands, CA 92373
(909) 307-3305

This Wendy's is located in a strip mall across the street from Wal-Mart in Redlands. Every Wednesday I have to run an errand in the area and do not have time to have lunch. It has become a ritual to use the drive-thru window and order a five piece chicken nuggets value special, small chili and a small Frosty. The grand total for the meal is $3.45. For some reason Wendy's in Southern California have a hard time staying in business. This Wendy's has been in operation since at least 2002, so far a record for the area.

I have no complaints about the chicken nuggets. They are always fresh, hot and crispy on the outside. The Frosty is a rich blend of frozen chocolate ice milk. It is a small enough serving that I do not feel guilty having one.

The chili is what draws me to Wendy's. It is old fashioned mid-west style tomato based chili. It is a thick blend of pinto beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper and ground beef. I really like the my Wendy's Chili fix once a week. It has been many years since I have had a chance to taste my Grandma's chili. Wendy's Chili reminds me somewhat of the big batches of chili my Grandma used to make. These items are about the only thing I order at Wendy's so I cannot comment on the rest of the menu.

This drive-thru has the fastest service I have ever experienced. They practically throw the food at you as you drive up. I don't mind because I am always in a hurry when I visit. I will definitely repeat next Wednesday and a co-worker has asked me to bring her back some chili also.

Chili ****

Service **** Because the drive-thru service is so fast.

Cost $

Repeat- Yes
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